music is the best

…here’s a little “thank you” to all of you keeping the faith & picking up on the vibe. 

one fine hour of timeless downtempo vibes we love in the mix. please feel free to DL, share & enjoy… and remember, our beloved “guestbook” album gets the digital re-release on march 08. not long now!


been there, done that…

in 2008, we were supporting KLAUS SCHULZE & LISA GERRARD for their concerts in berlin and warsaw. one of the guys present at berlin’s legendary schiller theater felt it like this. cosmic smooth jazz band vs. krautrock movement association? go figure.

rewind & come again

a decade after original release and half a decade after we decided to take it off the digital marketplace (because we didnt feel what was going on in the music biz back then), march 08 2013 sees the digital re-release of our beloved “guestbook”, available on all your fav digital outlets and featuring JOY MALCOLM, KLAUS SCHULZE, DON ABI a.o.

in case you feel like staying in the loop for now, check

stay tuned & thanx for keeping the faith!