solar moon remix EP digital (re) release today!

the 2nd remix EP supporting our logbook album release (soon come!) is yet another collectors dream bundle, highlighting a song (originally recorded in 1995) thats named just like the band itself.

cologne dubhouse dons SALZ deliver their best trademark sound remix work to date, just as legendary NuJazz mothership KARMA do, the latter on a minimalist brazillian tip.

again, electronic music pioneer KLAUS SCHULZE delivers the icing on the cake… with the (previously unreleased) instrumental version rounding off this special release that, until now, was previously only available on 12″ vinyl.

please note that the mere duration of the tunes included makes this an “album” automatically in the amazing logic of the digital music biz (although its an EP really – yes, thats the biz for you again *sigh*) which triggers funny purchase logistics that are beyond us to be honest. 

as usual we have prepared a minimix for you to check out the vibe (see below). enjoy!



les vacances EP released yesterday


the first digital single/EP taken from the “guestbook” re release showcases a tune some have called a “lounge classic”, but in fact we were just playing with some clichees back then actually 🙂

all tracks previously only available on 12″ vinyl – and including an as-of-yet unreleased bonus CAN7 mix (the kicking “arrival dub”) on top, so yes, there’s even 2 mixes crafted by the man!

in fact, the departure dub headed the german club charts back in the days of release (2004) and was favoured by a.o. jon horvath of FORT KNOX FIVE for the anti bush parties going down all over the US in those days.

the sequence of songs in this minimix differs a bit from the original EP sequence but you might get the vibe anyway.

01 les vacances (album version)
02 les vacances (CAN7 arrival dub)
03 les vacances (CAN 7 departure dub)
04 snowflakes (SALZ remix)
05 inside out feat. JEN (LOUNGECHIC PRODUCTIONS remix)

in case you dig, why not purchase the complete songs… e.g. here:…843-02/?wf=oba

or on amazon… only from 5th of april onwards though…I/ref=dm_att_alb1

stay tuned peeps as there#s more where this came from… next EP up for release 12. april!!!